We have occasion to celebrate!

Today the Champagne corks are popping. We have occasion to celebrate, and you even more so! PRO-AQUA International, as the first direct sales company in the segment of room cleaning systems with water filters, has won the most distinguished of all European technology, sport and lifestyle awards: the "Plus X Award".

With the award for its high-performance and exemplary design, PRO-AQUA International now stands in a row with companies such as Microsoft, Saeco, WMF or BOSE. This shows that only the best technological companies of global scale have the potential to become winners of the "Plus X Award". Today we received written confirmation: PRO-AQUA is one of these "best of the best"!

The background: products distinguished with a Plus X Award are of proven excellent quality. They must be of absolute top quality, have a long life, be functional and have a state-of-the-art design. This is quality that can only be provided by true brand name products. This includes, in addition to an exceptional design and a high degree of operating comfort, ecological aspects. Supplementary to this is an additional "PLUS", which the product must have in order to be distinguished. This means special supplementary product features and real innovations, thus the "Plus X" in the name of the award.

Alternative practitioner Dunja Habasch writes

In May of  2007 I purchased a PRO-AQUA room cleaning system.
As an alternative practitioner, and a mother of a  son with  asthma I had the hope that my son's  health problems would deplete. His medical conditions were allergic asthma, burning eyes, occasional insomnia (sleeplessness) and eczema of the skin, depending on the season.
I now perform air washing at regular intervals, clean our mattresses and vacuum with the PRO-AQUA vacuum cleaner.
His health has significantly improved. Since my son is also allergic to dust in the house, PRO-AQUA is such a great help for me, because it absorbs dust as well while washing the air.

I can absolutely recommend the PRO-AQUA. Especially today with all the environmental pollution this machine is an accomplishment and a great contribution to a spotlessly clean house and air quality.

Dunja Habasch

Letter from Prof. Trawnika

I am glad to verify that I have been using the PRO-AQUA cleaning system at my home for the past few weeks and I have performed several tests on it.

By washing the air, the compartment air is being cleansed at the same time. Dust particles and other harmful substances are absorbed by the fluid and the air is being filtered. The quality of the compartment air is definitely better and the quality of life for the occupant's improves considerably.

Air humidity has a great effect on our well-being. Ideal humidity ranges between 40-55%. Is the humidity not within these measurements growth of fungi and bacteria is promoted. Rooms which are too damp, fungi can spread and water in the compartment air is condensed. This can cause structural damage to the building.With the PRO-AQUA cleaning system you can reach 40% humidity within one hour, especially during the colder months when external air is very dry.I can highly recommend the PRO-AQUA cleaning system to anyone allergic to dust, odours, pollutants and dry air.

PRO-AQUA International is expanding

PRO-AQUA is now also officially represented in Sweden.
PRO-AQUA International was able to win nameable people for building up sales and distribution.

We are very pleased about this great, long-term collaboration.

"May the power be with you"

Business & Lifestyle Magazine Netcoo released the above headline. A most positive report about our PRO-AQUA was publicized in the issue of 02/2007.

The PRO-AQUA is a true multi-functional talent with many positive qualities like air cleaning, giving aroma to a room, wet vacuuming, inhalation, carpet and upholstery cleaning. With its "Made in Germany" manufacturing, these products are considered innovative. Title given was - recommendable.

Award for Design in Germany

The award of awards.

PRO-AQUA International was nominated for the award of awards by the Ministry for Economy and Technology.

The award for design is an official award. This recommendation will be awarded by the Federal Minister and executed by the Board for Design. The award for design is the pivotal action pursued by the politics for design of Federal Republic of Germany.

One can not apply for the Award of Design. In fact products are either nominated by the Ministers of Economy, Senators of States or the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology.

Therefore the Award for Design is the award of all awards.



And the winner is PRO-AQUA

red dot design award 2007

Among the toughest and nameable international contests for design, we managed to get awarded with our product. With our product we were able compete with other product from all over the world. There were 2548 entries from 43 different countries.

The award "red dot" stands for high quality in design and exemplifies Innovation, Shape/Design and Function. This was awarded to PRO-AQUA International on 25.06.2007 at Essener Aalto-Theater where there were 1.200 guests present from politics, economy and media.