In partnership with Ernst Group Hong Kong Holdings Limited, Pro-Aqua International GmbH have founded a branch office in Hong Kong in 2006 under the name of Pro-Aqua Asia Limited. Since 2015, Pro-Aqua Asia Limited work independent under Ernst Group Hong Kong Holdings Limited.

Mr. Bernhard Ernst, which has been successfully working as a businessman in Hong Kong and Asia since 1993, is responsible for the company as Chairman of the Board.
The goal of Pro-Aqua Asia Limited is to be cloth to the Asian region customers and importers with service and support. Also to serve the Hong Kong market and to attract more importers from around the nearby countries.

The product, the quality and our service are responsible for our success; otherwise we would not have taken the leading position in the market.

In Asia now Pro-Aqua gained countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Japan as our partners and we are always on the search for importers from the nearby Asian region.

Currently we build up our distribution network in China which is observed by our own Pro-Aqua Service Centre registered in Shenzhen.
Our Shenzhen office is responsible for service, support and maintenance for Importers and Customers in China.

If you have interest to work as a distribution assistant in Hong Kong or as an importer for China and Taiwan. Please send us your request and read more under the section Career.